A fix to Jetpack not making XML-RPC calls to your self-hosted WordPress blog

So, I’ve just fixed my new self-hosted WordPress installation to work with Jetpack.
The problem I had was that Jetpack was having trouble making XML-RPC calls to my new WP blog.

However, allowing XML-RPC calls from anywhere raises a security issue.
A workaround is to allow XML-RPC calls from anywhere, while blocking pingbacks with a WP plugin.
This is because pingbacks are the most common forms of XML-RPC attacks. [*]

This requires modifying .htaccess file from the hosting server.
But then, when I modified the file, the changes were not being applied.
Jetpack was still not working, and the problem persisted after clearing the cache.

What I’ve tried but didn’t work were: [*]

  • reinstalling Jetpack.
  • reconnecting Jetpack, from wordpress.com and from the admin page of self-hosted WP.
  • disabling all plugins except Jetpack, and using default theme.
  • checked whether xmlrpc.php is accessible. it was fine, as well as xmlrpc.php?rsd was fine with returning multiple lines.
  • I was not using Development Mode, and I did not have define('JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true); in my wp-config.php file.

Then, what worked was:

  • disabling “HTTPS enforce” option from cPanel. [*]

Now, the specific solutions may be different in each situation.
But if you’ve tried what I’ve tried and still having the same problem, give it a go.