sexual orientation space

M for male orientedness,
F for female orientedness,
A for asexuality.

A hypothetical generalization of Storms’ Model to explain diversities in human sexual orientation.

Studies have found that:

Thus, a further quantification of Storms’ Model is possible, where self-reported measures of sexual attraction is replaced with response strengths to Androstadienone and Estratetraenol.

Storms originally formulated their model with hetero- and homo-sexuality. However, considering the mentioned response patterns, sexual orientation may also be conceptualized with male-orientedness and female-orientedness. (i.e. male homosexuality and female heterosexuality share common neural mechanisms)

Operationalizing asexuality as ‘experiencing less or no sexual attraction’, my hypothesis is that asexuals, either self-identified or non-self-identified, will show a weak or no response to both stimuli.

I am openly posting this because I lack the resources and training to conduct a study. If anyone is interested in testing this theory, please feel free to do so and take as your own. No credit is required.

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