Press C to go everywhere.

CLOAKDRIVE is a chaotic space warfare. Gather your fleet and dive in.
All units are equipped with cloakdrive. The cloakdrive engine has unlimited jump range, and brings unrestrained chaos you missed in vanilla Starcraft.

Available in all regions for Starcraft 2 Arcade.

SC2Arcade entry:
(US region)
(EU region)
(KR region)

The source code is available on my github repository.


  • The game is a 20-minute free-for-all deathmatch. The player with the most kills wins the game.
  • Each player controls a Carrier. The Carrier can build units and research upgrades.
  • The Carrier respawns when destroyed.
  • Supports up to 7 players.
  • Full AI support.

Combat units

  • Combat units are tier-based from T1 to T5.
  • Each unit has its own pros and cons. No unit becomes obsolete even in endgame.
  • No unit special abilities.
  • Except T1 banshees which have the Resist ability, temporarily blocking all incoming damage.

Tech units

  • Tech units are support units with special abilities.
  • Prism Inhibitor: disables/negates all enemy non-orbital abilities, including cloakdrive jumps.
  • Singularity Module: self-destructs into a permanent singularity.
  • Arbiter Relay: a mobile cloakspace relay, capable of transferring all nearby units to target location.
  • Orbital Disruptor Focus: reigns from above with instant-kill damage.