Press C to warp anywhere.
CLOAKDRIVE is a simplified, yet epic space warfare. Gather your fleet and dive into any battlefield.
All units are equipped with the Cloakdrive ability with infinite range.

Available in all regions for Starcraft 2 Arcade.


  • The game is a 20-minute free-for-all deathmatch. The player with the most kills wins the game.
  • Each player controls a Carrier. The Carrier can build units and research upgrades.
  • The Carrier respawns when destroyed.
  • Supports up to 7 players.
  • Full AI support.

Combat units

  • Combat units are tier-based from T1 to T5.
  • Each unit has its own pros and cons. No unit becomes obsolete even in endgame.
  • No unit special abilities.
  • Except T1 banshees which have the Resist ability, temporarily blocking all incoming damage.

Tech units

  • Tech units are support units with special abilities.
  • Prism Inhibitor: disables/negates all enemy non-orbital abilities, including cloakdrive jumps.
  • Singularity Module: self-destructs into a permanent singularity.
  • Arbiter Relay: a mobile cloakspace relay, capable of transferring all nearby units to target location.
  • Orbital Disruptor Focus: reigns from above with instant-kill damage.