HYPERCYCLE – Instant-feedback tower defense for Starcraft 2 Arcade

HYPERCYCLE game logo

Hypercycle full throttle!

HYPERCYCLE is an instant-feedback tower defense where everything goes fast.
Build your maze while banelings literally rush towards your base like crazy.

Available in all regions for Starcraft 2 Arcade.

SC2Arcade entry:
https://sc2arcade.com/map/1/341471 (US region)
https://sc2arcade.com/map/2/240692 (EU region)
https://sc2arcade.com/map/3/113359 (KR region)


  • Build towers and defend the HYPERCYCLE generator. Towers increase power load.
  • Use ACCEL to boost all towers. ACCEL increases power load.
  • Upgrade HYPERCYCLE to increase power gen for more towers.
  • Reach a perfect power balance for speed bonus.